Bang Bang Boss Kelly
Bang Bang Boss Kelly EP

Written by Jason Strange

Even though this EP has been out for 9 months, I’ve only recently got into this band after an interview I did with the boys a few months back.  Essentially an alt country band with a  punk/folk leaning using banjos for lead guitars and having the knack to write well-crafted, catchy tunes.

Opening with Lone Rider, a track that sums up the style of music they play. The ever present country theme of loneliness but portrayed in an upbeat, positive way. Musically simple and instantly catchy. Bat Fetcher is a rollicking blue grass jug band style track that sounds like the kind of song sung in late 1800s in Australia by a pub full of weathered old drunk men. I love the line ‘I set out to be thin/but instead I grew a beard.’ Shiny Girls takes a different turn being a slower-paced track that reminds me more of Kings Of Leon in texture with a hint of punk rock reality. Fourth track Boneyards is an absolute belter of a track with multiple vocal harmonies and a great tale of realising you’ve fallen for the wrong girl (and who can’t say they’ve had that experience once or twice?). The EP ends with Rock And Roll, a sweet, intimate folk track professing the band’s love for rock n’ roll and coming from a punk and hardcore background you can appreciate the sentiment.

There is something about this band that makes me think there is potential to be huge here. With a sound that mixes elements of Mumford & Son musically, The Bouncing Souls in heart and Willie Nelson lyrically, they are definitely one of the best finds for me this year.

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