Dan Black

Written by Jason Strange

Solo albums seem to be the fashion theses days. Just about anyone who has ever played in a band feels the need to branch out and perform on their own. All of them will tell you the exact same reasoning. To experiment and play songs that would not have suited their band, most will venture into acoustic mode. But not ex The Servants Dan Black. He went to the other extreme from alternative rock to dance, or more appropriately — wonky pop.

Un is 14 tracks of electronica mixed with quirky pop rhythms and melodic vocal lines. Dan has used his roots of playing rock music by creating real songs as opposed to making repetitive beats and noises for drugged out kiddies to dance to. The opening three tracks Symphonies, U + Me and Ecstasy really highlight Dan’s song writing nature and sets the tone for the rest of the record. The album touches on a variety of styles incorporated into his own brand of dance pop. Cocoon is an R&B themed track while Cigarette Pack draws from his alt rock days and twists it into an off-beat pop song.

This album was originally released in the UK back in 2009 but has only just found its way globally. Recorded entirely in the basement of his Paris apartment, Un has been influenced by the French club scene along with the eccentric European pop scene that makes this album a surprisingly good listen.

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