Kings Of Leon
Come Around Sundown

Written by Jason Strange

One of 2010 most highly anticipated records was Kings Of Leon’s follow up to the hugely successful Only By Night. That record catapulted the Followill family into arena rock stars with what was one of the best records of 2008. Come Around Sundown probably fails to live up to the expectations of it, but it does not mean it’s a horrible album. The tone has a more light shade to the darker previous album. More relaxed and chilled to the edginess of Only By Night.

Opening with The End, follows directly from the last album. But from here it changes. Maybe the title says it all and the band move forward with the albums lead single, the more uplifting, catchy Radioactive. This record is not as instantly like-able as Only By Night and takes a few solid listens to really get into it. It’s problem being it is one of those albums that you can put on and forget about and it just lingers as background music, being generally ignored.

There’s still some really good tracks on this record like Radioactive, Mary and Mi Amigo

Their southern Americana influence rides strong on this album. Tracks like Back Down South has that southern country bluegrass feel to it. Plus the album at times has a hint of gospel popping up throughout the tracks. Maybe this is where critics have had their issue with this release. Generally panned by reviewers throughout America and Europe, I can see how they might be disappointed compared to not only the last album, but the bands entire back catalogue.

But taking this record on its merits, it still has the Kings Of Leon sound behind it and is still a good record for what it is.

No, it probably isn’t their best work but it’s far from being a let down.

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