Remember Who You Are

Written by Shane Arnold

Korn are back with their ninth album (really, nine albums?) and yeah, it’s more of the same so-called metal. While they may call it ‘nu-metal’ most of us like to call it ‘un-metal’; especially this effort – not that it’s all junk, but it’s certain to induce a deep coma in some cases.

It’s very much a ‘classic’ Korn effort – dumbed down rock music appealing purely to their fan base, which has slowly been dwindling over the years. The current line-up is Jonathan Davis up front as usual, with guitarist James Shaffer, bass Reginald Arvizu and Ray Luzier on drums. The standard approach to vocals is evident everywhere – whispered verses, screamed choruses. There’s plenty of attempted chainsaw riffage in amongst a dirty bottom-heavy mix, which isn’t a bad thing (provided you have some quality songs to back it up). The single Oildale is a decent enough effort, also the surprising Let The Guilt Go. But unfortunately that’s pretty much it.

This release seems purely to be a money-making exercise, to suck out cash from existing fans and prolong Korn’s career by another few years. They’re rapidly becoming a parody of themselves, and this pretty miserable release only adds to their woes. While Korn never had much in the way of credibility, at this rate they will simply disappear and history will allocate them the ignominy of making the much ridiculed ‘nu-metal’ popular.

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