Sex City Lovers

Written by Jason Strange

My first impression of this EP was the influence of modern British rock in their sound. Think Feeder, think early Muse. Musically, Mointers are flawless. They fill the sound out unlike a regular three piece with melodic riffs, furious solos and precision drum beats you can set your watch to.

The theme across this EP has a dark undercurrent of sex and sleaze and seedy nights in a lonely depraved part of the city. Second track Lights Go Down has a Bowie feel to it and speaks of secret lovers hiding from the world. Teenagers has that classic nu wave sound with a nod to Joy Division yet somehow manages to be the most catchiest track on the EP with its sing-along refrain.

This is definitely one of those releases that grows on you. You need to put in some time to appreciate how good it is. The writing and production suit the style Mointers play. It’s dark, it’s edgy and is the perfect midnight soundtrack to hide in.

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