Twelve Foot Ninja
Smoke Bomb

Written by Jason Strange

Twelve Foot Ninja follow the philosophies of….the Twelve Foot Ninja. A story based on the idea of what would the world’s tallest man be if he were also a ninja. I’m not sure how this helps but it if it means creating music like this, then maybe I should follow too.

The band’s second E.P is five ripping tracks that carry a heavy groove all the way through mixed with aggression and power. Straight up the influence of Faith No More is clear. Singer Kin has been to the Mike Patton school of singing. Melodic, diverse and attention grabbing.

The slow intro to Clarion serves to prepare you for the aural onslaught to come. The band credit their style to the “iPod shuffle generation” with elements of rock, metal, funk, blues, reggae rolled into one to create a true alternative rock sound. All five tracks are strong and a great example of where this band is heading. Check out the big sound on War and the groove of Clarion and the heaviness of Manufacture Of Consent.

Smoke Bomb is a glimpse of better things to come for Twelve Foot Ninja. They could make a real big impact in 2011 and the success will be deserving based on this EP. Definitely worth spending your coin on this one.

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