Sooners – Horses run Out

Written by Toby Smith on February 11, 2011

Sydney based four-piece Sooners have teamed up with American producer Kramer (Low, Galaxie 500, Bridezilla, Leader Cheetah) to create an inspiring double single to be released on 7” vinyl.

The release features the band’s totem tune “Horses Run Out” and their ambient musical excursion “Once in a While.” Through a process of experimentation and structured improvisation the band has developed these compositions both in the studio and through live performance.

“We feel that both songs have evolved over time to become crowd favourites. We think they really capture a moment for the band.”

The individual members of Sooners draw from a vast range of genres, being compared to acts including The National, The Dirty Three and Mogwai. However it is these conflicting influences that has created a sense of Yin and Yang in the band’s interesting and unique music.

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