Heineken Legends – The Date

Written by Svetlana Huffington on June 1, 2011

Everyone has had one of those nights where you meet a perfect stranger who is so mesmerizing you follow them on a random adventure which makes you feel like you’re going down a rabbit hole. They seem to hypnotize people with their charm and endless luck, sneaking you into places you normally wouldn’t dare to dream of going to. It’s like the excitement of being lost in new city with your only choice being to follow wherever your guide takes you.

The Date is the next installment of the Heineken Legends campaign, and like the campaign title the clip follows “The Legend” on a date through the late night backsteets of chinatown until they reach their destination, a 1960s style cocktail party in a grand ballroom swinging with a big band playing vintage bollywood hits.

It follows hot on the heels of The Entrance campaign which featured Danish pop group The Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s song The Golden Age as the backing track.

Watch The Making Of The Date

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