Image for Myspace’s Tom Anderson On His Way To Sydney

Myspace’s Tom Anderson On His Way To Sydney

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 8, 2013

Tom really needs no introduction. His cheeky smile as he looks over his shoulder at what we assume was a spur-of-the-moment photo opportunity was the first thing you saw when you signed up to Myspace 500,000 years ago. Mr. Anderson appears to be on an international journey of self-discovery, namechecking Australia as his next pit stop.

What’s lol-worthy about the situation is that Tom announced it via immense rival Facebook, I guess it got lonely on ol’ Myspace chatting away to all the spambots. Tom announced a matter of hours ago that he will be on his way Down Under, having just spent some time travelling through China.

His official schedule seems to really only include a road trip and taking photos, so for the next little while, if you see a dude that reminds you of Tom from Myspace, it probably is – the opportunity for hilarious photos is very real, my friends.

In other Myspace news, the social media has once again reared its head, recently showcasing a pretty impressive facelift and a slew of new functions, earning the nod of approval from many who concern themselves with such things.

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