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The New Pollution: # 003 – Cheeseburger

Written by Timothy Neville on January 9, 2012

Much like the culinary tour de force of the same name, Cheeseburger is usually best enjoyed sitting on the gutter at 3am after downing one too many whiskeys.

I first heard these guys while cruising the fictional streets of Liberty City (Grand Theft Auto’s version of New York City). I tracked down their debut self-titled LP (2007) and had my ass kicked by tracks like Tiger and Let The Good Times Roll. The Iggy Pop influence becomes apparent pretty quickly, but the nonchalant/jokular demeanour spliced with their classic New York punk attitude is the most engaging feature.

Cheeseburger released their sophomore album in March, 2011. Self-deprecatingly entitled Another Night Down The Drain, it’s essentially more of the same hard rock, which is great if you like the first album as much as I did.

Cheeseburger sound like The Stooges, The New York Dolls, The Hives, The Rolling Stones and AC/DC. It’s the perfect soundtrack for your next fistfight.


Cheeseburger – Winner

Cheeseburger – Tiger

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