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Butcher Blades – Allergic To Jesus

Written by Jason Strange on May 9, 2011

If there’s a venue with power and space, there’s Butcher Blades. If there’s a party to be DJ’d, there’s Butcher Blades. If there’s an excuse, there’s Butcher Blades. The three-piece electro group have created a lot of noise that you can’t help but hear. With a show coming up for Purple Sneakers, I thought we should find out what Butcher Blades are all about.

Music Feeds: Introduce yourself to the readers?

Butcher Blades: Hi readers, We’re Butcher Blades.

Grammaticalapple and Goldendelicious and Le Bruce. We met at the National Gallery after a three day drunk. Except Goldendelicious and Grammaticalapple, who met in the womb in 1983.

MF: What’s been happening lately for Butcher Blades?

BB: We began the year playing Falls Festival and then shows in NZ where we left feeling we’d inherited a massive extended family, full of scotch and acid. Since then, we’ve been playing Melbourne club shows with Naked and Famous, Bleeding Knees Club and Architecture in Helsinki DJs. Somehow last week we managed to squeeze 900 people into a 500 capacity Brunswick warehouse when we played with our friends World’s End Press. Just before WEP a guy next to me yelled at his friend “I’ve gotta get out of here, I can’t feel my face”. His face is fine now.

MF: How do you go about the process of creating songs and remixes?

BB: We watch Jonny Quest. Add brown rum to dry ginger. Start with percussion. They’re only three things that happen the same way every time.

MF: What does the future hold for Butcher Blades?

BB: We’re working towards releasing an EP in the 2nd half of 2011. Then we’re working towards more duty free rum in 2012.

MF: You’re playing Purple Sneakers May 13th; why should we come out to see you play?

BB: You should come to see three fully grown men convulse between instruments as they build beaches out of noise. Butcher Blades is tropical rave, espionage disco. Watch us graft film music to dance music and give us all an unnecessary excuse to shake the week off our bones.

MF: Playing on Black Friday, do you have any superstitions?

BB: Le Bruce won’t eat cheese toast in the shape of Jesus’ face. Plus he’s allergic to cheese. And Jesus.

MF: What’s the first song you’d put onto a mix tape?

BB: So. This is awesomely cruel. Here’s 3: BabaganoushSimian Mobile Disco, Panorama SuiteMax Essa, Ice Pick Mike Lalo Schifrin.

Butcher Blades play Purple Sneakers ‘Last Night’ this Friday May 13th

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