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Creative Destruction: The Dead Heads

Written by Michael Carr on December 7, 2010

Formed less than a year ago, The Dead Heads, an all brother troupe of gritty garage rockers approach their music like most of us do our livers, with a healthy appetite for destruction. Very much not concerned with the usual bullshit, these guys are all about the fun or playing and recording, unfazed by the many less glamorous sides of playing in a fledgling indie band. Currently planning a tour of China, the band are crashing into Mum at World Bar this Friday Dec 10th, so we caught up with them for a quick chat.

MF: Listening to the demos on the MySpace it’s obvious you guys like a bit of grit in the recording, has this always been the case?

DH: When we heard that Qunicy Jones was unavailable to record our demos, we decided to do it ourselves. The grit possible comes from all of us playing our instruments as if they were other instruments.

MF: What draws you to that type of sound?

DH: We like it and even if we tried it probably wouldn’t sound any different, or maybe it would but we haven’t spent enough time learning our instruments and hide the fact in a wall of noise.

MF: Are those songs on the myspace a good representation of where the band’s sound is at now or have you guys been experimenting?

DH: The songs on MySpace were recorded early this year shortly after we first started playing. Ali and I had just written some songs and were heaps excited just to get them recorded so we could play them through our stereo at outrageously high volumes.

MF: How do you approach the songwriting is it just jams or do you come into it with ideas for chord progressions or arrangements?

DH: We do both depending depending on the song. Songwriting is a mystery for us.

MF: Do you guys tend to work a lot on refining your sound or pulling it apart and playing with it, or neither, is it a case of just playing what comes to you?

DH: Creative destruction is an essential part of the song writing process for us. We write songs destroy and then record them.

MF: What makes you want to work in that fashion?

DH: Two minute noodles play an important role in this, sustaining us enough to live and write music for months at a time without having to leave the house to go and buy food.

MF: What do you have coming up in the next few months, anything we should be looking out for?

DH: Roberto got a new haircut and cymbals, also some gigs and an EP. Were also recording some more stuff.

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