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Mo Mayhem – Hair Metal and Absolute Power

Written by Vidette Moore on June 17, 2011

This Saturday night The Gaelic Club is launching Absolute Power, a new hair metal night with a superb line up of DJ sets from The Vines, Ronnie Simmons (L.U.ST), Mo Mayhem (Hell City Glamours) and Skar (Chaingang / Hot Damn).

Music Feeds gives Mo Mayhem the third degree on his music credentials and styling tips.

Music Feeds: What was the first record you ever bought?

Mo Mayhem: Poison – Open up and Say Ahh (on vinyl no less!)

MF: What are your top 5 favourite Power ballads to sing along to?


Skid Row – Wasted Time

Skid Row – In a Darkened Room

Skid Row – 18 and Life

Skid Row – I remember You

Skid Row – Quicksand Jesus

Skid row write the best power ballads!

MF: What are you 5 favourite Hair Metal bands of all time?


Hanoi Rocks

Motley Crue


LA Guns


MF: What is the best band you’ve ever seen live and why?

MM: Iron Maiden – the best live band I have ever seen, why? Umm, cause… THEY’RE IRON FUCKING MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MF: What are some of the tracks you’ll be spinning on the night?

MM: Lots and lots of dubstep…. But seriously folks, Van Halen, Motley, The Sweet, all that good stuff to make you shake your tailfeather

MF: Obviously hair is an important component for your outfit at this party, what is your secret to having such awesome hair?

MM: Don’t straighten, don’t do the nikki six/Johnny thunders, have awesome genetics…

MF: Van Halen are a band pretty famous for their over-the-top rider, requesting MnMs with the brown ones taken out and a large tube of KY Jelly, what outrageous things are you requesting on your rider?

MM: I have requested 1 ounce of Peruvian cocaine (accept no substitutes), 3 midgets with platters glued to their heads (for snorting off, duh), 2 bottles of jack daniels so I can impress all and sundry with my rock ‘cred’ by drinking a mass produced, readily available whiskey, 1 ‘rabbit’ pleasure machine (ask your girlfriend, she’ll know), 4 bottles of KY warming gel …. 2 x 12 inch black (BLACK ONLY) strap ons…. Remember guys its only gay if you give head to the strap on AFTER your buddy fucks you with it…

Absolute Power launches this Saturday 18th of June at The Gaelic Club, BYO leather and spandex tickets available here

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