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Music Feeds Podcast Episode #35 – Off With Their Heads

Written by Mike Hohnen on November 4, 2013

Ahead of their celebrated return to Australia as part of Hits And Pits 2.0, Off With Their Heads vocalist Ryan Young was patched through to Music Feeds HQ for our latest podcast episode, and we did our best to wrap our heads around the awesomeness that dwells within the band and, by extension, the festival.

Having toured here previously in support of Against Me! – a tour regarded by the band as one of the highest points in the career so far – Off With Their Heads have a good idea of what to expect upon their mid-November arrival. That said, performing as part of a lineup as legit and ‘all killer no filler’ as Hits And Pits, it’s safe to say none of us have seen anything like this previously. Ryan marvels at the lineup with us and outlines the bands who have made it onto his must-see list.

This time round, the band will be bringing with them their current album Home. The follow up to 2011’s In Desolation has been compared to the tough, non-stop action seen in punk rock days of yore. We speak about the influences that shaped the album, as well as the impact on the band now that they are well aware people are watching, listening and waiting for them the world over.

Check out the full interview below. This podcast will be available for download soon.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #35 – Off With Their Heads (Ryan Young)

Hits And Pits Tour Dates

Friday, 15th November
Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast (18+)

Saturday, 16th November
Hifi Bar, Brisbane (18+)

Sunday, 17th November
Hifi Bar, Sydney (18+)

Friday, 22nd November
Palace Theatre, Melbourne (18+)

Saturday, 23rd November
The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide (18+)

Sunday, 24th November
Capitol & Amplifier, Perth (18+)

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