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Music Feeds Podcast Episode #5 – DevilDriver

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 19, 2013

One of the most influential trendsetters in modern day metal, DevilDriver are once again gearing up to raise the bar as they prepare to unleashed the upcoming studio album Winter Kills. With just a few weeks left until the album unveiling Music Feeds caught up with the man himself, Dez Fafara, to get the lowdown on the making of the record, when the band will be in town next, and everything in between.

Enjoying some down time with the fam as the band awaits the release of the record, Dez seemed proud of Winter Kills, and deservedly so – Fafara explained that DevilDriver are finding themselves unable to escape some of the most positive feedback they’ve ever received.

For Winter Kills, the band worked once again with production mastermind Mark Lewis, who seems to understand the DevilDriver ethos more than anyone. As Dez explained, the tracks needed to be recorded fast: if a song didn’t prove its worth within 45 minutes, it was scrapped. Fafara said this was entirely the band’s decision, putting pressure on themselves as they belted out the record in Dez’s home studio.

While they are yet to lock in any upcoming Australian tour dates, Dez spoke in glowing terms of Australian crowds, in particular Soundwave top dog AJ Maddah, so it shouldn’t be too long before DevilDrive get Down Under once more.

Winter Kills is out this Friday, 23rd August. You can listen to the full interview below, or download it for your future podcasting pleasure here.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #5 – DevilDriver (Dez Fafara)

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