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Purple Sneakers DJs – Friendship and Kittens

Written by Marc Zanotti on April 23, 2012

Sydney’s own Purple Sneakers DJs will be appearing alongside an impressive collection of local and international acts as part of this year’s Groovin’ the Moo Festival. In preparation for the festival, the Purple Sneakers DJs have put together a mixtape showcasing some of the biggest hits from the festival’s many popular artists.

Before all that, however, the lads will be playing at Kittens in Darlinghurst this Saturday, April 28, 2012. Music Feeds caught up with Martin Novosel of the PSDJs to find out what in the world is up…

New tunes are on the way…

“We’ve got about 16 tracks on the go and we’ve been collaborating with a lot of people. We’ve got buddies who are joining us like the French Horn Rebellion guys; vocals from Savoir Adore; and Joel from Philadelphia Grand Jury is playing some bass on our tracks. We’ve got various guest vocalists and production buddies who have joined us. I even made some beats the other week in New York with Chuck Brody — he’s best known for (working with the) Wu Tang Clan.”

Pay the man in singles…

“We’re definitely not going to be doing an album; it’s just tracks, one by one”

“Different artists think differently; I guess it depends how you write, what world you come from. I guess art and music is about expressing something that you’ve got to express…I definitely don’t really have that much to say as such, I feel it’s just fun for me. It’s a passion and a hobby rather than like something I must do. For me, I really like playing music for people and that’s what I think my skill is, exploring music and really digging deep and listening to a lot of new music. That doesn’t necessarily mean I make a lot of music…until now.”

Smitten for Kittens…

“They keep it predominately guitar based and so that will be kind of interesting for us to go back to because that’s kind of how Purple Sneakers started. It was very indie guitar pop sort of stuff. Then your tastes evolve over the years and you start making music as well and your musical influences spread. It’s going to be really fun and I always like to play to a crowd to make sure it’s something that they like. Musically, I think that we’re pretty versatile, I mean we play literally anything. It’s not like one genre for us, it’s literally any genre, whatever works as long as it keeps flying and keeps the party moving.”

“So with the party next week, we’re going to keep it indie. We’ll probably put a whole new set together for ourselves and also drop in some classics from the old days… It’s going to be a fun party, I can’t wait”

GTM – A Festival for Fans and Friends…

Wavves and Digitalism and Beni, they’re probably my three favourite acts that are playing… The rest are kind of like our buddies actually, like most of them. They’re dudes that we know from touring and playing festivals and stuff, so it’s kind of just going to be like a catch-up more then a proper tour. I guess that’s what happens when you’re playing and touring a lot, you get to meet a lot of good people and get to hang out with them and then see them again, and again and again.”

Groovin’ the Moo Mixtape – 25 tracks in 37 minutes…

“It was ambitious. When you’re making a mixtape, usually you’re choosing music that you know will work…some of these acts I’d never actually listened to before. I didn’t know their music so it was like a crash course in working out who’s playing at Groovin’ the Moo. So it was a good little exercise, it’s not like putting together a normal mixtape where you go, ‘oh yeah well, I know what BPM works with this.”

“As you can hear from the mix, most of it is pretty seamless, but there are some bits where it is just like a standard cross fade, because I couldn’t do anything else with it.” (chuckles)

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