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RUFUS on The Radar for 2011

Written by Jason Strange on May 26, 2011

RUFUS have only been around since November 2010 but are already making waves with their infections indie-electro-pop and slick production. With their sound following in the footsteps of great Australian bands like Pnau, Bagraiders, Cut Copy and The Presets these guys are definitely a band to keep on your radar for 2011.

Music Feeds: Whats been going on in the world of RUFUS?

RUFUS: The world of RUFUS is a happening place. Over in RUFUS France, Onthefruit Records are on the brink of releasing a We Left remix compilation online whilst in RUFUS cinemas, a music video for that same track is about to be unleashed. Meanwhile in RUFUS Sydney, we’ve been playing as much as possible to keep us warm as these wintry nights grow colder.

MF: Can you give our readers a background into the band and your sound?

R: There’s three of us in the band- James, Jon and Tyrone. Tyrone and Jon put together the debut EP late last year, with a mix of Tyrone’s acoustic pop influences and Jon’s dance music background forming what you might call our ‘sound’. Once we started putting together our live show last November we headhunted our wicked drummer James from another band and his rhythmic flavours have become a feature of our new material.

MF: I hear you’ve been working on a EP, hows it coming along?

R: It could be a little bit longer than an EP. But, not as long as the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. That was a long movie. We can’t say too much about when we’ll be recording it just yet…not too sure when we’ll be getting in the studio to start laying it down, but either way we’re loving writing and playing new tracks, they’re getting a great response at our live shows too…

MF: What does the rest of 2011 hold for the band?

R: Lots of live gigs, with touring being organised in the coming months for Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. Fingers crossed we’ll get some sort of large tour in whether it be on the coast of this country or another! We’ve got a few surprise tracks to throw up online and looking forward to breaking into a studio at some point and recording our new tracks.

MF: You’ve got a gig coming up at Purple Sneakers, what can we expect from the RUFUS live show?

R: Pure indulgent, dancey, upbeat, dark, explosive moments of euphoria with plenty of cowbell!

MF: If one of the punters wants to buy you a drink afterwards, what should they get you?

R: Three mojitos. Por favor.

MF: What would be the first track you’d put onto a mix tape for someone?

R: The Smiths- How Soon is Now (ooh yeah!)

RUFUS are playing at ‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers on Friday 27th May

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