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The Deer Republic – No Expectations

Written by Jason Strange on May 16, 2011

The Deer Republic haven’t just sat around basking in their own success since winning the UncharTED competition a few years back. While no doubt some of the sponsors tasty brew was drunk (I wonder if they’ll send some if I suck up to them?), the boys have been busy working on tunes. Playing Purple Sneakers on the 20th, the guys filled us in on what’s been going on with The Deer Republic.

Music Feeds: What’s been happening in the world of The Deer Republic?

The Deer Republic: As always working on new tunes drawing inspiration from our endeavors over each weekend. Of late we have been focusing on the release of our first official single to radio which strangely enough has nothing to do with our instruments, just a lot of mac time. 

MF: How did winning a competition like TED UncharTED help the band?

DR: Had we not progressed in the competition we wouldn’t have been presented the opportunity to work with Scott Horscroft, a major coup, so yeah a big help!

MF: Tell us about the new EP in the works?

DR: Late last year we checked into The Mangrove and BJB Studios to work with Scott Horscroft on a few tracks we had bedded down. We came out with 4 tracks mastered at The Exchange in London and with them all being singles, we don’t feel they’ll now make the same EP 😉
MF: What can we find the band members doing when not in The Deer Republic?

DR: Working to pay off our next recording session or mini tour!

MF: You’re playing Purple Sneakers on the 20th; what can readers who come down expect from The Deer Republic’s set? 

DR: Come with no expectations and we will blow your mind!
MF: If we were to buy you a drink after the show, what would we order you?

DR: The order would be as follows-
1.Mike – Grey Goose neat in a chilled glass
2.Nick – Carlton
3.Moe – Rekorderlig cider of the pear variety
4.Chris – Vintage Pinot Gris from the Martinborough region in NZ
If any of the above is unavailable we would happily accept any liquid filled glass with an amber hue…thank you in advance!
MF: What’s the first song you’d put onto a mix tape? 

DR: Well we all agree to disagree, so there would be four songs –
1.Nick – TV on the Radio Will Do
2.Chris – anything from the Jezabels
3.Mike – City and Colour Fragile Bird
4.Moe – The Foals Miami

The Deer Republic hit Purple Sneakers ‘Last Night’ on the 20th of May. Go buy the boys a drink!

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