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The Fearless Vampire Killers work on new album with Mars Volta’s Producer Lars Stalfors

Written by Vidette Moore on May 27, 2011

Garage-Surfabilly group The Fearless Vampire Killers have just finished recording their debut album with Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta). It wasn’t the most conventional set up with the band in Melbourne and Stalfors on the other side of the world in LA, but they’re happy with the result and pumped for it’s release later this year. Music Feeds chats to the band’s new bass player Jacob McGuffie.

Music Feeds: How has it been coming into a band it is already established in Australia who’ve had a few songs already played on Triple J?

Jacob McGuffie: It’s been really great, they started the band in high school six and a half years ago so it’s been going for quite a long time.

MF: When someone new joins a band I always tend to think it tends to changes the sound of their music, even if it’s only subtle sometimes. What influences are you bringing to the band?

J: As a bass player I like a lot of the soul and Motown bands but I grew up listening to Steely Dan, I actually got a text from my Dad yesterday, he got me a ticket to see them when the come out later this year so that’ll be pretty cool. I love Australian rock, I’m a big You Am I and Dallas Crane fan but I’m also a sucker for folk music like Damien Rice.

MF: You’ve been  working on a new album with Lars Stalfors ? (The Mars Volta), how has that been?

It’s been really cool and really interesting because cos he’s in LA. We’ve talked to him on skype, sent tracks through file sharing websites but it’s been pretty awesome to have someone like him onboard and keen to do work on the album

MF: How have you found working on this album with the producer on the other side of the world?

J: Everything just takes that little bit longer, if we were just in the same room together and you didn’t like the reverb on the snare drum you could just say “can we try an different reverb on the snare drum” but this way we have to send an email or talk to him on skype and then it ends up taking a week to get it changed so has been a bit more drawn out but it’s done now which we’re pretty pumped about.

MF: One of your last shows was at a house party, there seems to be trend with a lot more gigs happening in people’s houses and backyard, why do you think that is?

It’s heaps of fun, it came up because we got given some free beer that came out of the film clip for You And Me and weren’t sure what to do with so we thought we should give it away and someone said why don’t we have a house party. I guess everyone loves a house party, it’s that thing where once you turn 18 you start going out and you think ‘this is awesome’ but then 12 months later you go ‘I think house parties are way cooler’ but no one’s willing have them because no one is willing to have their house trashed

MF: Was the house trashed?

J: I went back to get gear and help clean up the next day and it smelt pretty bad.

MF: You’ve got some good shows coming up, there’s the Toff  on Saturday 28th Of  May and you’re supporting Belles Will Ring and King Cannons on their upcoming tour, are you looking forward to them?

J: I really dig them, they’re both very different bands. I love the rock’n’roll elements of King Cannons and they’re a 6 piece so it should be a bit of a powerhouse and the Belles Will Ring show will be a good one too because we’re heading up to Sydney to play their album launch

The Fearless Vampire Killers play at The Toff In Town on Saturday 28th May, the new single For You And Me is currently available on itunes.

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