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The Go Roll Your Bones – Rise Of The Machines

Written by Jason Strange on May 11, 2011

The Go Roll Your Bones are just a bunch of down to earth guys who make some pretty damn good music. This Black Friday they return to their old stomping ground of MUM @ World Bar to play some tunes and have a few beers. The band chatted to us about all things not really associated with The Go Roll Your Bones!!

Music Feeds: Give us The Go Roll Your Bones history lesson?

The Go Roll Your Bones: 3 billion human lives ended on August 29th, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the machines. The computer which controlled the machines, Skynet, sent two Terminators back through time. Their mission: to destroy the leader of the human resistance, John Connor, my son. The first Terminator was programmed to strike at me in the year 1984, before John was born. It failed. The second was set to strike at John himself when he was still a child. As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior, a protector for John. It was just a question of which one of them would reach him first.

MF: Where does the band name come from?

TGRYB: Found it on a toilet seat at a train station

MF: You’ve been doing the rounds around Sydney for a while now, whose been the best band to play with?

TGRYB: Everyones got there own little quirks, but its basically broken down to who you can have a beer with. That said, there’s too many.

MF: What’s a secret about the band readers may not know?

TGRYB: The first song we ever wrote, we’ve never played live.

MF: What can Music Feed readers expect from your set when we see you play MUM on May 13th?

TGRYB: MUM is our second home live. But we haven’t played there in a year. Hopefully we’ll be able to put on an energetic show on with plenty of groove from the new material.

MF: Playing on Black Friday, do you have any supersitions?

TGRYB: No I don’t think so… John-Henry has his own toilet roll and puts his toothbrush in a seperate glass to me and James, but thats not really superstitious.

MF: First track you’d put onto a mixtape?

TGRYB: Rip It UpOrange Juice.

The Go Roll Your Bones play at MUM Friday 13th of May

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