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  • New Trailer: Burning Man

    New Trailer: Burning Man

    This new Australian film, by ‘Getting Square’ director Jonathan Teplitzky, has attracted rave reviews from just about everyone, but most importantly, the only people who really matter: Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton – four and a half stars. EACH. And this latest trailer confirms Margaret and David’s judgement, revealing glimpses of gorgeous cinematography, subtle performances

  • Free talks with movie gurus

    Free talks with movie gurus

    Once upon a time, there were movies that weren’t sequels, threequels, based on PS3 games, or accompanied by an exclusive muesli bar only available at Coles. In Australia, there was even a time when Australian films were considered pretty highly. Bruce Beresford is a director of this era of moviemaking. And for all the cinematards

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