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Floating Me, Annandale Hotel – 29/4/11

Written by Jason Strange on May 3, 2011

Anyone who has ever been to the Annandale Hotel’s website will know the slogan is “Fuck this – I’m going to the Annandale”. Tonight, when my only option at home was to watch the Royal Wedding, I decided to go to the Annandale. And might I say, it was a good choice.

I sadly missed Red Remedy who I’ve been told are pretty good live, sorry boys, next time. I did finally get a chance to check out Sleep Parade. Four young, dapper men hit the stage dressed like they were about to take the stage in some midwestern barn for an afternoon matinee hoedown. What we got was a blistering set of expansive shoe gazer rock. When it was required, the band could really turn up the juice and explode in sound before simmering back down again. Their set was impressive and equally impressive was how the singer persisted with his hat despite it flying around the stage when he rocked out. Nice work!

The boys from Floating Me created an air of excitement as it approached stage time. The room filled with anticipation. More than a supergroup, Floating Me’s blend of musicians fit well together. Cog’s drummer, Lucius holds it all together while the guys roll like thunder around and behind the amazing voice of front man Andrew. Their sound I can only describe is deeply hypnotic. I was entranced by the power of the group and how deeply intense the music was. Not ever really given the band much attention in the past, I was blown away how strong and powerful Andrew’s voice has become. Granted, he always has had a powerful set of vocal chords back in his days with Scarymother, but the years and maturity have aided his voice to work perfectly with the rest of the band.

Floating Me’s heavy groove hooked me in and openers Sleep Parade’s rock out moments were highlights. Again, knowing little of either band’s catalogue, I was immensely impressed.

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