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Frenzal Rhomb, The Annandale Hotel 01/05/2011

Written by Shane Arnold on May 2, 2011

Frenzal Rhomb’s intro music tonight was If I Could by 1927. Shameful and hilarious at the same time, especially when they started singing the damn song – Darling can’t you see; what you mean to me; anything that I can do I’ll do it for you. Aaaaargh – the horror!  If you’re too young to remember this abomination of a power ballad from the early 90s, run now! Flee, save yourself before it’s too late!

Uber-lame intro music aside, this was a classic Frenzal Rhomb gig with everything you’d expect – bizarre onstage banter, confused punters, spilt drinks, and of course the songs. Punk rock goodness like Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band But He Was A Cunt, You Can’t Move Into My House, and Never Had So Much Fun. And White World was a thrash-tastic masterpiece, combined with some mistimed stage diving.

Yes, all gold winning Frenzal Rhomb – especially everyone’s favourites Genius, Punch In The Face and Mum Changed The Locks. And what was this? The new song Bird Attack was some seriously ballistic punk rock and a tiny taste of what fucking better be a new album guys (sorry, really should put a ‘please’ in there somewhere). Although tonight everyone was quite happy to dance, mosh, and badly stage dive to Frenzal Rhomb ditties Fuck The System, Racist, Bucket Bong, and Ship Of Fools.

Frenzal Rhomb can’t go wrong with the usual four horsemen of the punk rock apocalypse – Jason Whalley (of the supreme chunky hair and careering-till-he-might-fall-stage-presence) with Triple J darling (and clearly lover of soft silky hair) Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall, and Tom (Australia’s coolest bassman) Crease all backed up by the supreme drumming of Gordy Foreman.

Frenzal Rhomb have been a vital part of the Aussie music landscape for 20 years – without them we’d all be listening to Evermore or some other (insert lame band here). But as they say in the hugely entertaining Russell Crowes Band, ‘But even if we know we never get a billboard top 10 hit, as least we know Russell Crowe’s band’s a fucken pile of shit!’ And that’s why we like them, and why they’re so important. Now how about that new album…


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