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Jebediah, Factory Theatre 27/05/2011

Written by Shane Arnold on June 6, 2011

Jebediah have largely been hibernation for several years due to frontman Kevin Mitchells work as his alter ego Bob Evans – now that is all fine and dandy but we need our Jebs damn it! Especially now, with the overdue demise of Powderfinger (good timing to call it a day) and Silverchair recently putting themselves on hold during recording of a new album (out of ideas boys?), Aussie music fans need an act everyone can love – will Jebediah step in to fill the void?

There new album Kosciuszko is a bloody brilliant return to form, as was tonight’s heavy rockin’ gig. The whole teams back – bassist Vanessa Thornton, guitarist Chris Daymond, and Kevins brother Brett on drums. The band played an energising set which has all in attendance smiling from ear to ear and dancing like it twas 1999.

Opening with the blasting double of Lost My Nerve and Control, Jebediah played with supreme confidence and ability – surely a sign of greatness, or just the ability to really entertain a crowd. The just plain cool new single She’s Like A Comet was further evidence the Jebs haven’t lost any of their vigour.

As expected, the biggest cheers and berserker dancing tonight were saved for anything from the 90’s greats Slightly Odway and Of Someday Shambles. And rightly so – those albums have an ageless quality that transcends the essence of space time; in other words they never sound old. Look no further than singalong favourite Harpoon (bonus points for those who remember Something For Kates cracking cover version), and of course we can’t miss the anthemic blast of Animal.

Jebediah know what their fans love, laying out a stack of corkers from Slightly Odway – Jerks of Attention, Benedict, Puck Defender, and the ballistic balltearer Leaving Home. What delirious bliss it was! The crowd almost suffered a collection overdose – you can’t blame them when Jebediah blasted Run Of The Company and Please Leave. Leave? Hell no, we were being pleasantly assaulted by more Jebediah goodness Fall Down and First Time.

A fine performance tonight from one of the former (and soon to be again) giants of Aussie rock – with a brilliant new album and tour, Jebediah will no doubt be back on the main stage at your favourite summer festival. Let’s hope they stick around for a while.

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