Image for Parkway Drive, The River Stage, Brisbane – 14/12/2012

Parkway Drive, The River Stage, Brisbane – 14/12/2012

Written by Adam Braksator on December 19, 2012

An all Australian affair was led by Parkway Drive in Brisbane on Friday night. Move over Vulture Street, Byron Bay’s Parkway Drive is now the most sought-after street sign in the country, and the proof is in the tour pudding across the country. The kids turned out in droves to catch a glimpse of the Atlas tour as it rolled though Brisbane. From their humble beginnings playing at Byron Bay High School to the Botanical Gardens riverstage engulfed with fans, they stayed true to those who have followed them from the ground up. This all-ages event saw merch lines likened to food runs of apocalyptic times, as it seems that hardcore is in high demand. The previous band had barely walked off the stage when the chants started. “Parkway Drive! Parkway drive! Winston! Winston!” Not many bands could follow up I killed The Prom Queen, who by the way put on a killer performance, even with Jamie Hopes throat struggling for power.

The rumours of the day were all about production value. Parkway Drive was set to step it up a notch to fill the night with a visual display to match their already impactful audio performance. To put it simply, the boys from Byron nailed it. Smoke and lights lit up the sky while their heavy music shook the city. Anyone in the close-by apartment blocks who planned on an early nights sleep had to change their plans with this knocking on their windows.

As expected, there was an early sample of their new tunes, playing some from Atlas like Old Ghosts/ New Regrets. But for the most, it was a glory set playing hit after hit from their previous albums. And like Moses parting the Red Sea, so did Winston – instigating a wall-to-wall mosh the entire length of the stage. I don’t know where that space came from, because people at the front were squished like sardines.

With a guy to girl ratio of 20:1 there is no excuse for any single ladies out there who complain that they don’t know where to find a guy. Sure he might be sweaty… But at least he won’t be cheating on you when he goes to his weekend gig, because let’s face it, he is one of the majorities.

The luck began early when Parkway Drive took the stage. ‘Holy crap, I saw a shooting star!” said Winston. Playing all-time favourites such as Dead Man’s Chest, Gimmie A D, and Romance is Dead, was luck really needed? The 5000 plus strong crowd that littered the hill and mosh floor paid testament to the rise and success of Australian hardcore music. Winston hailed it as one of the craziest crowds he has ever seen, and it was all-Australian. Bogans aside, I think everyone felt proud to see what can be achieved in our very own backyard. “Everyone here, everyone involved in this show, everyone that played on this stage tonight, this is a 100% Australian show, there are no international bands, you guys did this shit. See what you can do; see what this country can do… Thank you for supporting this shit, seriously,” Winston said, and I don’t think we would disagree.

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