Image for Regurgitator, The Annandale Hotel – Saturday 3 July 2010

Regurgitator, The Annandale Hotel – Saturday 3 July 2010

Written by Shane Arnold on July 8, 2010

It was another night at the Annandale for their 10th birthday celebration as one of Sydney’s live music institutions. Tonight was Regurgitator’s turn, and they certainly didn’t hold back. They’re back to a 3 piece, with the usual double shot of Quan Yeomans and Ben Ely, combined with Hard-Ons drummer legend Pete Kostic.

Regurgitator have been a little quiet lately – but they’re clearly writing songs; the first song tonight was a new flat out funky rock song. Exciting stuff, and very well received. Following it up with the excellent ‘Blood & Spunk’ from their latest release ‘Love & Paranoia’, Regurgitator made it clear they were going flat chat tonight.

The riotous punk/hard rock of ‘Everyday Formula’ and ‘My Friend Robot’ was a highlight of the night, plus the comical ‘Bong In My Eye’, which was muy fantastico! And the sleaze pop rock of ‘ I Will Lick Your Arsehole’ had everyone singing along (quite a strange experience), similarly ‘I Wanna Be A Nudist’ and ‘Polyester Girl’. Jeez, they could almost do a themed set of weird-arse sing-along songs.

The excellent Superstraight started well, before collapsing in a hilarious heap when Ben forgot the song. The lads got their shit together and launched into their shout-out anthem ‘ Hullaballo’ – ripping stuff. And it wouldn’t be a complete Regurgitator experience without their juke box classic ‘Blubber Boy’. It sounded a little updated tonight, and the newer version was quite welcome.

After a flat-out hour or so, Regurgitator wrapped it up with ‘Black Bugs’, ‘The Song Formerly Known As’ and ‘Kong Foo Sing’. Of course, everyone went berserk during this frenzied triple dose of Regurgitator faves – a great way to top off another quality night at the Annandale. They should celebrate their birthday more often!

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