Image for 360 Takes To Social Media To Challenge Claims He Is A Sell Out

360 Takes To Social Media To Challenge Claims He Is A Sell Out

Written by Zoltan Blazer on July 11, 2013

In what has become an all too familiar scenario, the ever outspoken 360 has taken to social media to post a lengthy rant. In this case the rapper has sought to challenge being labelled a ‘sell out’.

The rant, which was post to Instagram and Facebook, sees 360 argue that he always acts in the interest of his creative output rather than his finances. One of the boldest statements made by the rapper is a claim that he has sacrificed “close to a million dollars” in potential earnings in the interest of maintaining the integrity of his music.

“I’ve turned down close to a million dollars in shit like tv/radio advertisement campaigns and shit for causes that I didn’t feel passionate about or didn’t believe in the company. I’ve had the opportunity to work with artists that would probably make me way more money than I make but I’ve turned it down because their music wasn’t my cuppa tea. Money will never dictate my music.”

The claims against the rapper may all be a case of tall poppy syndrome after 360 and his main man Styalz Fuego were recently crowned Breakthrough Songwriter Of The Year at the 2013 APRA Awards.


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