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AC/DC Monopoly To Hit Stores

Written by Barnaby Smith on June 21, 2011

AC/DC are set to be immortalised by a board game, with Parker Brothers announcing they are to release a special AC/DC version of Monopoly in tribute to the giants of Australian rock.

Update: AC/DC Monopoly On Sale Now

A post on the band’s website states that the special edition will be available in shops come August. The idea is that the band’s albums and ‘international locations’ will act in place of the board’s squares and properties to buy and barter, while instead of houses and hotels, there will be gold and platinum records.

The traditional six playing pieces will also have an AC/DC twist, including a lightning bolt, a cannon inspired by For Those About To Rock and inevitably a schoolboy’s hat in homage to guitarist Angus Young.

Of course, AC/DC are not the only band to make it to the Monopoly board, with the Metallica version of the game released this month, and a special Rolling Stones-inspired edition coming out last year.


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