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AJ Maddah Steps Up Security For Future Soundwave Events

Written by Kiel Egging on February 26, 2013

AJ Maddah will be revamping his security briefings prior to Soundwave 2013 events in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth this weekend following the now-infamous flare incident in Sydney on Sunday.

Maddah has told the Sydney Morning Herald he will be reminding officers to be particularly focused on weeding out any flares, knives and alcohol which punters may try and smuggle in to the festival, along with any other obvious items that could pose a threat to festival attendees.

“Security staff have been looking for knives or alcohol to this point so this adds a new dimension,” Maddah said. “The average security guard wouldn’t have recognised a flare… We’ll be adding this as another item in security briefings.”

As has been widely reported, a punter set off a flare in the pit during Bring Me The Horizon’s set in Sydney on Sunday night. The flare was originally believed to have severely injured and disfigured a young girl, however the alleged victim took to her tumblr account yesterday claiming she only required a handful of stitchesseveral images of the suspected offender, and has been in contact with local police over the incident.

“There were 75,000 people at what was a great show at it took one dickhead to ruin the day for everyone,” he told Sydney Morning Herald. “Soundwave is such a strong community that people help each other out more than security or event staff can. Personally I think he should be arrested just for the sailor cap.”

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