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AlunaGeorge Detail New Album ‘I Remember’, Share New Single ‘Mean What I Mean’

Written by Zana Rose on July 13, 2016

AlunaGeorge have just aired their new single Mean What I Mean, which will feature on their upcoming album I Remember.

In an interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, AlunaGeorge’s Aluna Francis reflects on the third single release Mean What I Mean in the lead up to the new album. The tune was inspired by Francis being told she was playing hard to get after turning down somebody’s romantic advances. She explained to Mac:

“That’s where I pull my lyrics from, at the moment, like if I went back into that situation, what would I have needed to handle it better… And that’s where this song really comes from. And it was really nice because I got Dreezy and Leikeli, and they backed me with their really great verses. So I just feel like this is a full package of support, and celebrating the fact that we do know what we mean — people just need to listen it.”

I Remember due out September 16th, will showcase collaborations with a host of huge names including Flume, Popcaan, Dreezy, Leikeli47, Zhu, and Pell. Francis outlined how she feels about the new album:

“It started to feel a bit like we had all these friends in music that we liked hanging out with but we haven’t shared AlunaGeorge with anyone else, and at some point we were like ‘why not?’ Let’s open it up a bit more. We wanted to let people in a bit more now that we’re more confident in our sound.”

The new album is due out September 16th. Full track listing below.

Listen to Mean What I Mean below:

I Remember Tracklist:

01. Full Swing [ft. Pell]
02. My Blood [ft. Zhu]
03. Not Above Love
04. Hold Your Head High
05. Mean What I Mean [ft. Leikeli 47 and Dreezy]
06. Jealous
07. I’m In Control [ft. Popcaan]
08. I Remember
09. In My Head
10. Mediator
11. Heartbreak Horizon
12. Wanderlust

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