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Big Day Out 2013 Sydney – Live Updates

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 18, 2013

Big Day Out 2013 has officially kicked off, and it couldn’t have done so in a finer form, with a sold-out crowd all gathering under the glorious sun at Sydney Showgrounds. It’s going to be a hot one, my fellow Big Day Outers, but with a hat, some sunscreen, good walking shoes, and a rough plan – you’re good to go.

As usual, Music Feeds will be on location providing you with all the coolest shit as it happens. We will be pumping out interviews, live reviews, and photos throughout the day.

With a lineup that goes along the lines of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, Animal Collective, Childish Gambino, and of course The Red Hot Chili Peppers, you know things are going to get awesome, very quickly – so stay tuned.


Looks like we’ve got our last one for the night now. Band jump in to some improv jamming as they finish it up. “We’re living a fucking dream right now.. this is the reason why we keep playing music…. we fucking love you guys….. SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!”

– Mike


Red Hot Chili Peppers (4)

Next up is Oldie “Give It Away”. Crowd failing to do the giveitawaygiveitawaygitawaynow thing that Kiedis does with his voice. Probably 10x harder when you’ve had a few beers.

– Mike


Kiedis dedicates the next song to “Tom”. Soul to Squeeze.

– Mike


ENCORE! HIGHER GROUND! Incredible energy going around as they start ripping in to it.

– Mike


Crowd are calling “One More Song! One More Song!”

– Mike


Red Hot Chili Peppers (3)

Anthony Kiedis wraps it up by saying “thanks for the smells and the smiles”. Crowd want more! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!

– Mike


Flea’s bass is going absolutely mental on “By The Way”. You just can’t appreciate his technique until you see it live. He’s just a blur.

– Mike


Another sing along with Californication. Crowd get swaying with this tune.

– Mike


Band jump Straight in to “Look Around”. Girl infront of us drops her drink so she can bust in to a two step.

– Mike


Here comes the Under The Bridge Intro. Crowd knows whats coming. Kiedis’ heartfelt lyrics helped by a choir of voices.

– Mike


Funking it up a bit now. Newer track The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie gets everyone bouncing.

– Mike


Throw Away Your Television is next up. Crowd are fist pumping in the air everytime “Throw away your television” lyric comes up.

– Mike


Pulling out the David Bowie Cover! What In The World. The band spoke earlier today about learning this song for the shows and how it took them back to the earlier days of practicing new material together.

– Mike


Flea’s Bass antics leads us in to Can’t Stop, everyones singing along. Most interactive song so far.

– Mike


Factory Of Faith!

– Mike


Just started playing the riff to Snow (Hey Oh) Crowd Just Roared!


– Mike


It’s Californication time! Scar Tissue… Awesome band, still missing John a little though :(


Around The World! – Crowd is going mental!

– Mike


Red Hot Chili Peppers are on stage! first up some I’m With You

– Mike


The Killers covering Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House – Red Hot Chili Peppers up soon!

– Marc



Storm brewing over Big Day Out as The Killers take the stage – Jenny Was Friend of Mine! Boom!



Alabama Shakes provide a soulful sunset

– Marc


Video Interview – Delta Spirit



Something For Numbers shut down Red Stage with ‘Bright Eyes’

– Marc


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion – brings the people together

– Marc

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Full Gallery

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Video Interview – Every Time I Die



The time tested greatness of OFF! Is unveiling before our eyes on the Green Stage. Someone clearly forgot to tell these guys their age as they rock out with more energy than those half their age. Watch and learn modes This is real punk rock.

– Mike


PHOTOS: Thy Art Is Murder

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PHOTOS – Vampire Weekend

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Video Interview – Jeff The Brotherhood


PHOTOS: Childish Gambino

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Holy shit, have you seen Childish Gambino live before? Well…I know most people haven’t but this is something you have to add to your buck list. You know the violins and drums you hear in his tracks? They’re live with him on stage. Same with the guitar. Gambino recreates his tracks in a note for note manner in a live setting and the dudes natural showmanship and obvious excitment ooze through the speakers. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about Donald Glover that you have to see to understand. Life made.

– Mike

Childish Gambino – Video interview


PHOTOS – Death Grips

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PHOTOS – Band Of Horses

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Video Interview – Vampire Weekend


Chow Town!



PHOTOS – Grinspoon

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Video Interview – Toucan



Gary Clark Jr. bringing The Blues to BDO. Keep an eye out on Feeds for an exclusive performance

– Marc


Interviewing Childish Gambino backstage – Video up soon!



PHOTOS – Good Heavens

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Chance Waters conducting a sing-along on the Red Stage before his interview with Music Feeds

– Marc


PHOTOS – Against Me!

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The outrageous heat is so much mote bearable when your watching Against Me. Compressor Head wrapped up their set type thing then bam ‘hello, Sydney’, and shit got awesome. Very quickly. Laura Jane Grace sure has a thing for hitting her mouth on mics!

– Mike



A little cloud cover offers some mercy as Delta Spirit rule the Green Stage. Feeds will be chatting with the band backstage at BDO when the weather’s more civilised…

– Marc


PHOTOS – Hunting Grounds

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Playing the Vans Essential stage, Hunting Grounds seemed to have drawn the biggest crowd of the day, whether that be because of the impact of the bands debut album In Hindsight, or to escape the sun – probably a mix of both but hey, everyone’s loving the ambient vibe of Hunting Grounds genre hopping sensibilities.

– Mike


PHOTOS – The Medics

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Shade and Sampologym Feeds’ favourite AV DJ rocks the Boiler Room.

– Marc


PHOTOS – Every Time I Die

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Every time I die. The Cadillac’s of southern hardcore and absolute showmen. They ain’t gonna let no heatwave ruin their good time, they were wearing jackets for frying out loud! These guys are animals, throwing guitars around like no bodies business, this is the show to be at right now at BDO Sydney.

– Mike


Deep Sea Arcade has some bodies groovin despite the intense heat.

– Marc



Melbourne boys ME are now officially on stage. The huge wall of guitar sound and impossible vocals are a dead giveaway, as is the massive backdrop behind them. As the crowd huddle to make the most of what little shade there is, the band unleashing. 400 points to the frontman for getting that guitar plugged in in time, that was a close one!

P.S dead set saw someone wearing a beanie. That’s ballsy.

– Mike


Robots battle it in a game of basketball…

– Marc



Django Unchained Misting Station – That’s how to market to your target Audience…

– Marc



PHOTOS – Fishing

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Blue Mountain fella’s Fishing are officially warming up The Red Stage at Big Day Out 2013, though they won’t need much help with this weather, am I right?

– Mike


The barn burning Avalanche City heat things up… Even more

– Marc



Hipsters in the mist…

– Marc



PHOTOS: House VS. Hurricane

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House Vs Hurricane’s loyal followers stood stoically at the foot of Orange stage, difant of the elements, determined to get a good spot for the show. And at the stoke of 12, the band took to the stage, guitars in hand and the pit was officially open. I’m sweating just watching these kids throwing down, surely getting burnt but HvH are too good to look away.

– Mike


Problem solved, crowd erupts!

– Marc


Boiler Room breakdown – Nina Las Vegas battling technical difficulties. Requesting. New Decks

– Marc



Toucan sweating it out on the Green Stage already

– Marc



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