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Black Lips work Mark Ronson on new album

Written by Michael Carr on December 6, 2010

Photo By Zach Vowell

Atlanta garage outfit Black Lips have just announced they’ve finished tracking their new record in New York with none other than Mark Ronson. While you might not really think of the band and the producer together, in a recent interview with Pitchfork Lips leader Jared Swilley had this to say of the band’s choice to work with Ronson.

“He’s not changing a lot of the stuff we’re already doing. It was fun like that, because he was a fan of our music, and I like stuff that he’s done. It seems like we wouldn’t have a lot in common, but there’s no radical departure from anything. He just interjected other ideas that we hadn’t really tried. He’s working out different drum sounds or using microphones that we haven’t used before. So it’s been an interesting process.”

When asked if the album would sound more cleaned up than their older work he responded with “it depends on your definition of “cleaned up.” It definitely won’t be as muddy as our last album, which we did ourselves in our warehouse. Anything will sound less muddy than that. I think it will sound a lot better than the last album.”

Also letting slip the band worked with a saxophone player, horn section and saw player on the album, the as yet untitled LP looks set to be the band’s best yet.

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