Image for Black Veil Brides Singer Crushes Warped Tour Heckler In 90-Second Tirade

Black Veil Brides Singer Crushes Warped Tour Heckler In 90-Second Tirade

Written by Sarah Bella on August 8, 2013

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has proven that he’s not a guy you want to mess with, with the singer ripping into a disrespectful dude in the audience at their Warped Tour show in San Antonio, Texas, unleashing a 90-second tirade onto the unsuspecting crowd member.

It’s not quite clear what set Biersack off but, in the fan footage below, you can see the 22-year-old vocalist staring down the offending audience member and motioning for him to come forward, before launching into a gloriously potty-mouthed spiel:

“So, when I used to come to Warped Tour when I was a kid, I used to see bands and I respect the shit out of those bands on stage and sometimes little, tiny motherfuckers like you come to a show and you stand there. Then fucking come up here and show me how fucking big you are.”

And that’s just the beginning, with the glam metal vocalist explaining that the difference between himself and the crowd-jerk is that he’s in a successful band and the crowd-jerk is just some dude trying to ruin everyone else’s fun. Burn!

Check out the full tirade below.

(via Loudwire)

Black Veil Brides – Andy Biersack Calls Out Disrespectful Guy

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