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‘Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte To Venture Into Music Career

Written by Mike Hohnen on November 13, 2013

No doubt inspired by the success co-star Aaron Paul experienced following his musical jaunt, Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte, perhaps better known as the lovably clueless Walt ‘Flynn’ Jr, has announced he will be pursuing a career in music.

You may have noticed Mitte walking the red carpet at the recent MTV EMA’s – dressed like he simply does not give a damn what we think – and it was here that the news broke during an interview with Digital Spy where the rising star explained that his acting career will be taking a back seat while he dives into the music rabbit hole.

“I’m working on it right now – we’ll see what happens. I’m learning guitar, I’m learning piano. I have a bit of an issue as I only have one good hand and one good ear, but I’m slowly getting over it one day at a time. We’ll see what happens. I love music. My house is constantly filled with music – from vinyl to the thousands and thousands of songs on my hard drive.”

Mitte is sure to have a lot of spare time on his hands now that Breaking Bad is over and that he won’t be featured in the highly anticipated spin off Better Call Saul. He added that the prequel series will be set “before my time”.

(Via NME)

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