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Cloud Control’s Recording Studio Is Falling Apart, So They Need Your Help To Finish Their Album

Written by Emmy Mack on May 20, 2015

The recording process for Cloud Control‘s third studio album has hit a snag, with the band being turfed out of their makeshift studio in the Sydney suburb of Redfern. The indie act, who’ve had their noses to the grindstone tracking the follow-up to 2013’s Dream Cave, have been asked to vacate the premises, due to their musical abode having a hot date with a wrecking ball.

“So our studio in Redfern is getting DEMOLISHED!” the band posted on Facebook. “We need a new home- Does anyone out there know a good space for us to record? We don’t need a proper studio just a safe place to rent where we can make LOUD NOISE and set up all our gear.”

The band has specified that their new digs must be available, i.e. un-demolished, for the next few months and, furthermore, “somewhere near/in Sydney would be ideal but also a country/coastal house we would TOTALLY get into that.”

Speaking to triple j, singer-guitarist Alister Wright further confirmed that the band has been given until the 30th of this month to clear out of the derelict building, which they’d been using as a DIY studio following a “hand-shake agreement” with the lease-holder.

“Apparently they’re not allowed to let anyone live in there anymore, so it was condemned but the council was turning a blind eye to letting a few artists in there… but then the roof was leaking; it was kind of failing apart,” he explained.

“It was a good space while it lasted but it makes sense that it’s getting pulled down.”

Cloud Control are steaming ahead as a three-piece following the departure of founding member Jeremy Kelshaw earlier this year. They’ve told triple j that, if all goes well with their search for a new studio space, they’re hoping to release their newest LP early next year.

“Hopefully, you guys might hear something from us towards the end of this year – a single or something. We’ll see what happens,” Alister says.

Anyone who has a hot tip about where Cloud Control could potentially relocate to finish recording the new disc is encouraged to email the gang at, PM them directly via Facebook, or call them up for a chinwag.

Yep, legit, the trio are trialling an experimental ‘studio phone number’ for people to text or call with ideas for a new studio space – “Or if they just want to say ‘hi’, tell us what we should put on the album,” Alister tells the j’s.

Cloud Control’s digits are: 0423 589 392. And let’s keep it G-rated, kids.

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea or a bad idea, but the worst that could happen is we’ll just throw the phone out the window. Problem solved,” Alister says.

And the best that could happen? Fans’ voice messages could end up on the group’s new album.

“We were putting some – more album spoilers -spoken word stuff over some tracks,” Alister adds. “And it sounded really cool, so maybe that would be good if people left good messages on the phone.”

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So our studio in Redfern is getting DEMOLISHED! We need a new home- Does anyone out there know a good space for us to…

Posted by Cloud Control on Thursday, May 14, 2015

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