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Corey Taylor Robbed Of More Than $36,000 In Music Gear

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 10, 2013

It seems not everyone appreciates sweetheart of modern day metal Corey Taylor – a police report has been filed claiming the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman has been robbed of more than $36,600 in music gear. What’s worse, it appears it was a mate who nicked all the goods.

Taylor and his wife returned to their West Des Moines following a month-long tour of Europe to discover the equipment missing from their house and storage units. So far, a list of items stolen hasn’t been made public, though it’s been revealed that 2 bass guitars belonging to Slipknot’s former bassist Paul Gray were nicked, which must have been difficult for Taylor to comprehend.

Apparently some of the gear has already been returned but it’s unclear at this point how much is still missing. Though no charges have been filed, it’s believed others in Taylor’s circle overheard a conversation with the friend-turned-thief as they attempted to pawn gear at a local guitar shop.

Fans are being urged to make noise should they stumble upon any of the missing gear.

(Via Loudwire)

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