Image for Covers Album Marks Tenth Anniversary Of The Strokes’ ‘This Is it’

Covers Album Marks Tenth Anniversary Of The Strokes’ ‘This Is it’

Written by Barnaby Smith on July 27, 2011

It’s been 10 years since The Strokes released their landmark album Is This It, and now a covers album featuring some fairly big indie names has been put together in tribute to the New York band’s famous debut LP.

Stereogum are offering the full album as a free download, with the title of the project being

Stroked: A Tribute To Is This It. This Is It was first released in Australia on July 30 2001, and made it to number five in the album charts over here, and number two in the UK.

Artists to contribute include Peter, Bjorn and John, Owen Pallett and Austra. Others involved include Real Estate, Computer Magic, Chelsea Wolfe, Frankie Rose, Wise Blood, The Morning Benders, Heems and Deradoorian.

Owen Pallett is quoted as saying, about being involved with the tribute, “The thing that blew my mind first hearing The Strokes was that they were the closest I had heard rock come to classical. Their music is extraordinarily orderly and composed.”

The Strokes ventured quickly back into the studio this year to start work on a new record to follow-up to Angles, an album the band seemed decidedly unsatisfied with.

The tracklist for the covers project can be found below.

Peter Bjorn And John – Is This It

Chelsea Wolfe – The Modern Age

Frankie Rose – Soma

Real Estate – Barely Legal

Wise Blood – Someday

Austra – Alone, Together

The Morning Benders – Last Night

Owen Pallett – Hard To Explain

Heems – New York City Cops

Deradoorian – Trying Your Luck

Computer Magic – Take It Or Leave It


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