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Cub Scouts Ordered To Change Name By Scouts Australia

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 26, 2013

Brisbane indie outfit Cub Scouts are experiencing the dramas that come along with increasing buzz first-hand. The band have been ordered by Scouts Australia to change their name, which they believed to be infringing on their trademark.

As of today, the band formerly known as Cub Scouts will continue business as Cub Sports. This means that there will be no more confusion between who’s playing on the radio and where you should be sending your child aged 8-10 for their extra-curricular activities.

The band have facilitated the change as best they can, preferring to get it over and down with now, as opposed to after they begin their international exposure, the bands frontman Tim Nelson has explained:

“It was a stressful time for this to come up because we are right in the middle of releasing our Paradise EP, but as we are hoping to release in the US and UK, the sooner we could sort something out the better. I guess it’s because it has the word scout in it but it’s not an uncommon word in band names.”

“Because there wasn’t anything we could do about it, we have tried to stay positive and it could have been worse if it happened in a couple of years when we were releasing our debut album.”

From there the band had no choice but to hit the drawing board, where they culled 50 potential names down to 10 before landing on Cub Sports.

The band released their latest EP Paradise at the start of the month, which you will still find attached to the name Cub Scouts, for now.


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