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“Daft Punk Cancelled ‘Colbert’ Appearance, Not Us,” Says MTV

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 14, 2013

MTV has struck down US talk show host Stephen Colbert‘s claims that they banned Daft Punk from appearing on his show The Colbert Report, insisting that it was a decision made by Daft Punk and their management.

The French house duo were set to appear on the Tuesday, 6th August episode of Colbert’s satirical talk show but cancelled at the last minute. The reason for their cancellation was soon revealed to be a contractual conflict with the MTV Music Video Awards, who wanted exclusivity on the pair’s appearance. Colbert told his audience:

“Here’s the story…We booked click and clack over here about a month ago. This network is owned by Viacom, which is also the owner of MTV.

“Apparently, Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Don’t tell anyone, because fun fact: no one told me until two hours ago.”

On an episode of comedian Paul Mecurio’s podcast, Colbert explained that he understood MTV’s reasoning behind the ban, but expressed agitation at the decision, saying, “I’m the guy who’s completely screwed here. I don’t have a show tonight.”

But VMAs executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic, claims that Colbert’s version of events is untrue and the last minute cancellation was Daft Punk’s decision. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ignjatovic said:

“We don’t put restrictions on anyone. I just think that we’re talking to them about a moment and then things sort of change. I would not describe that as MTV putting restrictions on people – it was up to that artist and their management what they wanted to do.”

The news comes after rumours began circulating that the house legends’ appearance on The Colbert Report was a red herring used to publicise their appearance on the VMAs.

(Via NME)

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