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Daniel Bortz Announces First Australian Tour Dates

Written by Mike Hohnen on March 9, 2013

Through a stack of releases, Bavarian producer Daniel Bortz has held our attention effortlessly since 2009. So it’s about damn time that the dude announces some Australian tours, and today that time has come.

Later this month, Bortz will be appearing at Lucid Dreaming in Perth as well as Bad Apple at The ‘Crombie in Sydney before his final stop off with Summer Series held at Melbourne’s Revolver. Be it 80’s new wave, 90’s West Coast hip-hop, disco or dance, the dude will seamlessly mix it, refusing to obey the laws of mixing music, on more levels than one it would seem, as Bortz is also well known for his run of bootleg samples, which are all as amazing as they are illegal.

But it was his cover of a cover that reached the masses. Bortz flipped James Blake‘s version of Feist’s Limit To Your Love, which sent chills down the spine of those who were watching on at Fusion Festival 2011. Since then, it’s been up and up for Bortz, who continues to explore his sonic universe endlessly.

Check out the dates below, and adjust your schedule appropriately.

Friday, 22nd March

Lucid Dreaming, Perth

Saturday, 23rd March

Bad Apple @ The Abercrombie Hotel, Sydney

Sunday, 24th March

Summer Series @ Revolver, Melbourne

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