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Deadmau5 Blames ‘That Little Prick’ Justin Bieber For Top Gear Snub

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 3, 2013

Superstar producer/DJ and recent car enthusiast, Deadmau5 has hit out at teen idol Justin Bieber for ruining his chances of getting on Top Gear. Huffington Post reports that Deadmau5 recently received his driver’s license and as a result has purchased several sports cars and become a fan of the BBC Two program.

Deadmau5 encountered Bieber at Toronto’s Cabana Pool Bar, where the producer/DJ was promoting his annual Veld festival. After trolling the Beliebers of Twitter with snide tweets such as “Wanna see rage? check this out: Hey Biebs fans. I TOUCHED HIM! I DID! it was AWESOME! Nya nya. Wut now? Yeah. I touched his hand. So soft,” Deadmau5 was inundated with tweets from irate Bieber fans.

The ensuing melee between Deadmau5 and the pop singer’s fans allegedly distracted from his Twitter campaign to get himself on as a guest on Top Gear. According to Deadmau5, the campaign “got fucking buried thanks to that little prick”. Speaking to The Huffington Post, the Canadian native vented his frustrations:

“Like you little fuck. I can’t believe it. I was so fucking stoked that whole day and then he just shows up and, I shit you not, I didn’t think about anything else other than ‘You just fucking ruined every chance I ever had of getting on fucking Top Gear.’ So that’s that.”

Sounds like self-inflicted wounds to us. As a rule-of-thumb, Deadmau5 should follow the caution that “Hell hath no fury like a Belieber scorned”.

(Via NME)

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  • Zak Dwyer

    deadmau5 is intolerable, I can’t stand Bieber either but blaming Bieber for “distracting from your TWITTER campaign” to get himself on Top Gear, like how do you infer that that effect came from that cause? No you moron, the cause was you picking a fight because you’re bitter, bored, overpaid and lonely because you’re too cynical and asspained about everything and anything. His 2010-style “trolololo” persona is outdated and overplayed like his style of music, people are sick of pricks on the Internet, it’s not “hip and cool” anymore it’s just plain sad.

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