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Diplo To Attempt Twerking World Record In New York City

Written by Sarah Bella on August 28, 2013

Oh, twerking, you so hot right now, and super producer Diplo is responsible for a good portion of that. Dude’s ramping up the action now, with the man behind Major Lazer announcing he’ll be attempting to score the world record for most people twerking in the same place this weekend in New York City.

The 34-year-old will be hosting a Twerk Wall at the Big Apple’s Electric Zoo festival, which takes place from 31st August to the 1st September. He made a call-out on Instagram for ladies to send him a video application for a chance to be selected to shake their hineys en masse at the event: “Ladies we gotta pick u ahead of time for Ezoo ok? If u wanna be on stage email”

No word on what the current world record twerk number is, if there’s even one at all, or why this is a call-out for ladies only. We think Diplo should put his money where his mouth is and join the crew, or at least have his people call Miley Cyrus‘s people. We’re sure she’d love to get in on the action.

So would we, to be honest. In lieu of that, let’s watch this supercut of American news presenters pretending they’ve been saying the work ‘twerk’ all their lives. Together.

Watch: Supercut of People Saying ‘Twerk’ on the News

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