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Donny Benet signs with Rice Is Nice

Written by Michael Carr on May 25, 2011

Following on from his recent year long residency at the Las Vegas Airport Hilton Entertainment Lounge, one man disco explosion and son of famous Italian disco accordionist Antonio Giacomelli Benét Donny Benét has just announced that he will be releasing his synth laden masterpiece Don’t Hold Back on Rice Is Nice this July. In commemorating this most momentous of occasions Rice Is Nice artist turned video madman SPOD has put together this little video, The Deal Is Done.

His music a vitriolic and arousing mixture of spaced out disco bliss and a raw sex appeal that makes a young Sean Connery look like an aging Marlon Brando, Donny has left a trail of dance weary and gobsmacked audiences in his wake since returning to our shores earlier this year. The sort of man who can get a disco dance ring going in the middle of a line-up full of noise bands, his infectious synth stylings have had some of Australia’s music luminaries singing his praises far and wide.

“Easily the most played artist on our tour van over the past 2 years.” Dave Miller – PVT

“What can I say, the first time I saw Donny, I knew I was watching one of the true greats.” Ivan Vizintin – Ghoul

“The Donny Benét experience is like being taken into a time portal, and stumbling into a world where disco is king.” James Domeyko – Domeyko/Gonzalez

Soon to be supporting L.A. buzz drenched psych-rockers Warpaint at their Sydney and Melbourne Splendour sideshows along with Jack Ladder, Donny Benét is surely going all the way. Don’t hold back kids.

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