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Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Want To Do A Duet With Eminem

Written by Kiel Egging on January 7, 2013

Ed Sheeran reckons he’s not ready to work with the likes of Eminem and needs more time to develop his style.

In a chat with The Sun, the UK male solo star said he didn’t want any “leg ups” through collaborating with already-established artists.

“I’m going to wait until a point when I’m on a level where I can make that call, because I don’t want any leg ups now,” he said.

“I want to be able to get up to a stage where it’s not weird to ask someone like Eminem to hop on a tune.”

The A-Team hitmaker also hinted that he’s keen for a big tilt at the U.S. market following his Grammy nomination last month.

“I want to do my thing in my scene, my acoustic world, and then go over to the States.”

Ed Sheeran will do his biggest tour of Australia yet in February and March – limited tickets for some shows are still available. For all the details on the tour click here.

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