Image for Eminem Joins Instagram, Offends Everyone

Eminem Joins Instagram, Offends Everyone

Written by Sarah Bella on August 24, 2013

Rapper Eminem has joined the 21st century, signing up for an Instagram account, and in true fashion for a performer who’s made a career out of offending just about everyone, made his first post a picture of himself flipping the bird…twice.

The Real Slim Shady – or Marshall Mathers III to his mama – posted a picture of his open laptop for his fans, which had a picture of the lyricist giving the finger on each hand – for double your value, we assume – as well as a caption directing fans to his website. Classy stuff.

The 40-year-old recently burst back onto the scene with Survival, a brand new track revealed as part of the trailer for Call Of Duty: Ghosts. This was the first new track for the Eight Mile star since Symphony In H, his contribution to a DJ Tony Touch mixtape back in June, indicating that we may still see a new album from Em as promised in 2013.

(via NME)

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