Image for Ex-Bodyguard Suing The Biebs For Battery And Assault

Ex-Bodyguard Suing The Biebs For Battery And Assault

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 11, 2013

You can imagine an ex-bodyguard of Justin Bieber suing the pop star for mental anguish, or perhaps even emotional trauma, but as it turns out, a disgruntled former member of Bieber’s security personal is taking The Biebs to court for battery and assault.

According to The Music Network, the ex-bodyguard and former Israeli army soldier Moshe Benabou was dropped by the tween last year after it was revealed that he had lied on his resume about having guarded Justin Timberlake. Now, the somewhat questionable fellow claims that Bieber punched him in the chest and berated him following a situation with a member of Bieber’s entourage.

On top of that, Benabou is seeking to claim a further $420,000 in unpaid overtime.

The dude’s claims are under heavy scrutiny and the below footage caught by TMZ of him busting out some krav maga on a photographer is sure to threaten any integrity in his argument.

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