Image for Fall Out Boy Continue Video Series With ‘Alone Together’ Clip

Fall Out Boy Continue Video Series With ‘Alone Together’ Clip

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 2, 2013

Fall Out Boy are doing their part to make this slightly-worse-than-Monday Tuesday more bearable, with the pop punk icons dishing out another video serving from their comeback album Save Rock And Roll – a tasty morsel of a video clip for the latest single Alone Together.

Alone Together follows a similar storyline (the same story?) as the previous videos from SRAR, though from a different time. All 4 members find themselves strapped up in straightjackets being tortured in some teeth-gritting situations. Of course, Pete Wentz‘s situation turns into a sexy situation very quickly – because he is a man known for sexy situations. This time round, he beats the girl to death.

Oh, yeah – it also gets dark very quick.

Towards the end, all 4 members are then hurried into a van that looks like it’s en route to the My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark video clip – but who knows what will happen on the way?! Stay tuned for more tales of misadventure from Fall Out Boy

Watch: Fall Out Boy – Alone Together

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