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Flaming Lips Stream 24 Hour Song On Halloween

Written by John Ritchie on October 27, 2011

Flaming Lips will stream their new 24-hour song on Halloween at Midnight Oklahoma time, which will be 4 pm Monday 31st of October EST Australian time. The song will be hosted on a dedicated website the band have set up for the song and will also be released encased in a human skull.

Wayne Coyne has described the meaning of the track:

It’s a song about death and it’s a song about f**king and it’s a song about life … It’s another element of this Flaming Lips connection with death and beauty and all that

The 24-hour release comes on the back of the 6-hour song, I Found This Star on the Ground the band released in September. They also released a Strobe Toy you could play with while on Acid while listening to the track.

Stream the Flaming Lips New 24 Hour Song Here

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