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GhettoBlaster – Taking on the weekend

Written by John Ritchie on July 21, 2010

If you already had plans for Saturday July 24th, &Dimes have told us to think again. GhettoBlaster is back and this week it’s taking on the weekend. After coming clean on their webpage about where that creativity comes from, they released the details of their next event and in true &Dimes style it’s sounding like quite the party.

Last week their team turned Q Bar into some sort of white bat cave, gave out free drinks and collectable GhettoBlaster bears and this weekend might event just top that. From what we’ve heard it was the monster on their poster that prompted this week’s inspiration to be Science, that goes hand in hand with test tube shots so at this point the event is selling itself.

As always they have picked some of the most exciting live bands in Sydney to play sets in the notorious 34b. This week right off supporting The Scare on their final shows, Fait Accompli are headlining a pretty thrilling line up, while Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun and The Owls have joined them on the bill for what has been forecasted as quite the live show and really a science experiment in itself.

Showing her work in VIP this run is Sydney based, fine artist Joanne So. She’ll be showcasing a collection of works conveying organic shapes whilst taking natural elements from its existence; transforming them in an obscure and abstract forms. Paying homage to Karl Blossfeldt, an Botanist and photographer who has inspired Joanne to create such pieces, where she creates monochromatic artworks using graphite and acrylic paint as her dominate medium; mixing cubism and focusing on tone and texture to emphasise their unique slopes.

While all this goes on in the rest of the venue, Q Bar will be taken up with some DJs that &Dimes staff have labelled liabilities and asked to play anyway. They come in the form of SLVGRS DSCTHQ who will be featured on the night along with those babes Double Denim, and course Dialz and Nickles will be ever present.

So to sum this monster up there will be test tube shots, incredible live bands, a bunch of intoxicated DJs, art turning VIP into another world and of course they will have a whole new run of sickly looking teddy bears floating around with free drinks on them. Can you really afford to miss this?

Q Bar. Oxford St. Saturday. July 24th. 9pm. $10 Entry.

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