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Gotye Responds To ‘One-hit Wonder’ Claims

Written by Marc Zanotti on November 27, 2012

Gotye has posted an amusing tweet in response to journalists who continually ask if the Melbourne musician is concerned about being defined as a ‘one-hit wonder’ after the enormous success of his massive single Somebody That I Used to Know.

To Australian fans familiar with Gotye’s music, such assertions probably seem out of line. Album tracks and singles such as The Only Way, Coming Back, Hearts a Mess, Eyes Wide Open and I Feel Better have all left their mark in the Australian alternative music scene. However, none of these tracks have come close to the global impact made by Somebody That I Used to Know

For his part, Gotye doesn’t appear to be upset by repeated ‘one-hit wonder’ questions. As seen in the tweet below, whenever the subject is broached, Gotye is reminded of a skit about Johnny Mandel (the guy who wrote the theme for M*A*S*H) by musical comedy trio Tripod.

Tripod responded to Gotye’s tweet, claiming that they feel a little guilty about labelling Mandel as a ‘one-hit wonder’ as Mandel had numerous hits.

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